Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why do you buy?

Why do you buy things? I go to Target a couple times a week because I love the experience. Sure I could go to a KMart or a Walmart but I try to avoid both as much as possible. Why? Because I dont enjoy shopping there. I walk in buy what I need and maybe pick up a few extra things because of price but never anything that amazing. However, at stores like Target or other visual-minded retailers like Ikea I end up making A LOT more unplanned purchases! Why? because i enjoy shopping there and enjoy even just going in to browse at new things. I love stores that I can window shop at. Even though I always end up buying things I dont necessarily need! But at least in these types of stores I buy things that I will enjoy after I walk out of the store!

But What do retailers do to make sure you buy these unplanned items?
1. Free ServicesAnything to get you in the door and get you to test out products!! We've all walked past the makeup/cologne sections of department stores!!
2. The Whole LookEverything looks better when you can picture how you will use it in your own life! Go to Ikea and just look at the people shopping sometime! They sit, they enjoy, they experience the products!
3. SmellsApparently some stores use the scent of money to encourage people to spend it! Others use different smells to lure shoppers in, just like music! If you've ever been to an Abercrombie or Hollister you know all about the smell factor!
4. BOGOThe most memorable BOGO user has got to be Payless Shoes. I feel like they are always doing a BOGO event. But really everyone is doing it! We all know how good these bargains can be ..its like going to the casino and winning!!
5. MusicSlow music makes you stay longer. Loud, current music gets the teens in. Stores use all types of music to encourage guests to come in, stay longer, or simply create a more enjoyable experience!
6. Greeters!HELLO!! who doesn't love walking in to a store and getting greeted? As long as they aren't selling me anything than I am more than happy to receive a "hello, how are you doing?". Makes me feel good about shopping there

One that I think also should've been on the list: Social responsibility! We all saw the backlash of certain companies from their recent donations to political campaigns. We also have seen major companies rise in popularity as highly reputable and charitable companies in the past! We love shopping at Target because they donate to local schools. We love shopping at stores with local grown produce like co-ops because they support the local farmers! And we all love to shop somewhere were we feel like we can give back!

Six Sneaky Ways Stores Get You To Buy More

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