Tuesday, October 12, 2010



hahaa ..every once in a while the Onion comes out with something that is absolutely hilarious! ..and very offensive! but thats why we love it!


Can't believe they allowed this on FOX!!


It's been a monumental day with the hopefully permanent ending of DADT! TIME TO CELEBRATE!! Its been a long road to end the oppression and segregation instilled by the armed forces but it looks like today might have been the tipping point.

The US Dept of Justice has 60 days to file an appeal to the decision that was made to end DADT and immediately discontinue any discharging procedures by US District Judge Victoria Phillips. It is unlikely that the government will step in and appeal this decision but only time will tell. Until then we will wait and see and cross our fingers.

GLBTA groups can finally celebrate all the hard work they have done to gain support for the end of DADT!! I think we all can celebrate!!

"Don't ask, don't tell, as of today at least, is done, and the government is going to have to do something now to resurrect it. This is an extremely significant, historic decision. Once and for all, this failed policy is stopped. Fortunately now we hope all Americans who wish to serve their country can." Says Dan Woods, the lawyer representing the Log Cabin Republicans in their lawsuit to end the oppression of DADT.



DNC Minneapolis 2012 from DNC Minneapolis 2012 on Vimeo.

Minneapolis is ready!! Time for the DNC to come to Minneapolis!!! Just say no to Emmer and No to Bachmann!! No way they would come here with those crazies running any part of our state!

Kathy, Lance, Wanda, Gunn on Gay Suicides and Acceptance


Heidi Klum ..IN Bill Cosby ..OUT!

Heidi Klum has been offered yet another Bravo TV Show! This time she is doing her version of 'Kids Say The Darndest Thing' ..ok not really the same thing but it is called 'Seriously Funny Kids' and its basically the same thing and one of the main producers is from Bill Cosby's old show! Heidi has a very fun, kid-friendly side to her so I'm sure she will do great! I just can't to see these kids try and understand what the hell she's saying! "Aufweidersehen'? NO HEIDI!!! ..WRONG SHOW!!

NEW MILEY ..Sort of

The new video from miley below is really good! The song is very catchy and the video is typical "Miley Sexy"! So who couldnt love it!? The only problem is its only been released in Europe so far?? I guess they must just appreciate Miley's new club-dance-techno side a little more than us Americans! I think we could handle it ...we gave up on Hannah Montana several older hunk bfs ago ..now we want sexy dance miley!!!

Kim K Naked Again!

Kim K. goes NUDE again!! ...even though she regretted doing it for Playboy! But naked is only unappropriate when its in Playboy right??! When you do it for W Magaizine then it is fashion and that is just fine!! Hahaa ...oo kim ...what to do what to do!?

Good thing we still love you! And you have one of the most infamous, sexy bodies ever so you know everyone will LOVE it!! Either way ..I cant wait for Kim and Kourtney Take New York

The Fashion Show

Isaac Mizrahi and Bravo are back with the second installment of "The Fashion Show". Do we really need this Bravo? We all tried to give the first run of the show a chance since you had lost Project Runway and we were all a bit weary of the whole PR move to LA and Nina and Michael NEVER being on the show but you lost me after the first 10 minutes. The show was all around ... BAD!! It was clunky and poorly executed!! I wanted to rip my hair out every time I had to watch them try and wheel those mannequins around for judging those 'quick-fire' like challenges. Just overall HORRIBLE!

But this time around they have made a few changes. Isaac Mizrahi is still there ..which I'm still unsure about. He's a genius in fashion but in hosting I'm not so sure about! I'm hoping he takes more of a judge role and less of a host role but that is very unlikely!! The biggest change is that there are now teams. Not team challenges here and there but actual teams! The contestants will be split up into 2 fashion houses where they will work together to compete against the other teams. Not sure how this will play out but it will be interesting. Besides ..all the best drama happens on team challenges anyways!!! Also, my girl Kelly Rowland ..is out! And who else would replace her but ...LADY GAGA! jk jk ..its Iman! and from the previews she looks like she does a pretty good job!

The Fashion Show

Lady Gaga V. Alisa Apps

You may be wondering the same thing I was when I first heard about this story ...WHO IS ALISA APPS?! She hasn't even released her first CD and she is challenging the current Queen of all things music to a 'sing-off' for a grand prize of over $1,000,000! That's a pretty bold move for someone in her situation and also a very good publicity stunt. Now I had to give ms. Apps a chance ...even though she claims Gaga is a 'plastic doll generated by the music money marketing machine' she can't be all bad right? Listen to her song below and see for yourself ..it's already received almost 1.5 million views!

She's pretty damn good! I'll give her that ...and we all know that gaga can get a little commercial from time to time but you have to be a tiny bit commercial to become the largest music performer in less than a year. But at least Gaga pushes the limits!! Now my favorite all time gaga song never made it to CD but I still believe it is her best song to date! Check it out:

..and thats live!!! I dont think I have ever seen a live song performed so well by anyone!!
Lady Gaga Challenge