Thursday, October 7, 2010

Who Influences you?

INFLUENCERS TRAILER from R+I creative on Vimeo.

Great video on the power of influence and how trends are born and spread. We all know that trends and styles do not just magically come to life and they are not shared and uniform. One person is inspired by something creative and they build upon that and put their own spin on things and create something completely different and that trend ends up evolving even further.

One thing that is uniform about all trends (..Yes Every single trend) is that they all follow the same format. They all consist of 4 or 5 stages depending on what theory you consider.

First, you have your innovators.Think of a completely individual idea! These are the trend setters that are the most creative people who decide what you will eventually adapt as a part of you lifestyle.
Next, you have the early adaptors. Think of the innovators as the first 100 people to get a twitter and the early adaptors as the first celebrities to get behind twitter. They are the people that take a chance on a new trend in hopes that it will become popular and they will take the credit for the success.
Next is the early majority, think android phones. They are in the early section of this part of the graph. They are the ones who love new technology but are not willing to make the commitment until they know it is a successful trend ..aka the mainstream. It isn't a bad thing to be mainstream because you never know how long a trend will last! Trends with little competition will often stay popular trends for many years.
Next is the late majority, Think Myspace right after Facebook started to become popular. It was still heavily, heavily used but it was starting to decline as people started switching from Myspace to the simpler Facebook (the good old facebook days! lol)
Finally, the LaggersThink FAX Machines or Dial Up. We all know people who use both but its really a shame that they havent adopted some sort of new technology!

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