Thursday, October 7, 2010

Did GAP change it's Logo?

Gap to Change its Iconic Logo

First of all Gap was a big player in the retail community when I was very young but it seems like for at least the last 10 years they just haven't hit the mark. Maybe I am just not part of their demographic but the plain, almost bland, clothing they have been offering since as far back as I can remember just doesn't seem to be doing the trick. And I think they are finally realizing it. So now they are experimenting with some new things via 'crowdsurfing'. For those of you who do not know what crowdsurfing is, it is putting something out there (usually online) and letting the people decide whether they like it or not. The concept is that people who are fans of gap are going to see the gap related items and vote on them.

The first crowdsurfed item was their new logo, which you can see above. I think the new typeface is definitely a major improvement but the blue box on the upper right hand corner throws me off. It reminds me of a logo for a small corporate paper manufacturer or a company that is very small and dated. It does not scream NEW GAP whatsoever and it seems like they have been getting pretty bland reviews on the new logo. I think the biggest thing they need to change is some of their clothing. The stores have amazing visual aspects that are clean and current but the clothes need to be brought up to speed a bit.

Gap will be crowdsurfing some new ideas soon in an effort to rebrand itself so look forward to more posts about GAP!

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