Thursday, October 7, 2010

Things You Might Not Know About American's Sex Lives

We like to think that we know everything about sex and the typical sex life but lets take a look at a few of those stats and see what people are really doing. 1/3 of single people use condoms on a consistent basis and surprisingly the largest group of those using condoms is 14-17 year old boys. They have used condoms 80% of the time in the past 10 times they have had sex. At first this shocked me because they are so young but 16 and 17 isn't really that young it just feels like it now!

Another surprising fact is that people are very likely to have tried sexual acts with the same gender. Anywhere from 5%-14% of men and women have experimented with the same sex within their lives. The percentage gets higher with age and 14% of 40-49 year old men have experimented with the other sex.

Women Crave Variety! Men are more likely to reach an orgasm and enjoy their sex lives without a ton of variety! However, women need to try various positions and acts in order to reach full velocity. So Men, step your game up!

Just a few sex-life tips for you ..hope you enjoyed!

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