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hahaa ..every once in a while the Onion comes out with something that is absolutely hilarious! ..and very offensive! but thats why we love it!


Can't believe they allowed this on FOX!!


It's been a monumental day with the hopefully permanent ending of DADT! TIME TO CELEBRATE!! Its been a long road to end the oppression and segregation instilled by the armed forces but it looks like today might have been the tipping point.

The US Dept of Justice has 60 days to file an appeal to the decision that was made to end DADT and immediately discontinue any discharging procedures by US District Judge Victoria Phillips. It is unlikely that the government will step in and appeal this decision but only time will tell. Until then we will wait and see and cross our fingers.

GLBTA groups can finally celebrate all the hard work they have done to gain support for the end of DADT!! I think we all can celebrate!!

"Don't ask, don't tell, as of today at least, is done, and the government is going to have to do something now to resurrect it. This is an extremely significant, historic decision. Once and for all, this failed policy is stopped. Fortunately now we hope all Americans who wish to serve their country can." Says Dan Woods, the lawyer representing the Log Cabin Republicans in their lawsuit to end the oppression of DADT.



DNC Minneapolis 2012 from DNC Minneapolis 2012 on Vimeo.

Minneapolis is ready!! Time for the DNC to come to Minneapolis!!! Just say no to Emmer and No to Bachmann!! No way they would come here with those crazies running any part of our state!

Kathy, Lance, Wanda, Gunn on Gay Suicides and Acceptance


Heidi Klum ..IN Bill Cosby ..OUT!

Heidi Klum has been offered yet another Bravo TV Show! This time she is doing her version of 'Kids Say The Darndest Thing' ..ok not really the same thing but it is called 'Seriously Funny Kids' and its basically the same thing and one of the main producers is from Bill Cosby's old show! Heidi has a very fun, kid-friendly side to her so I'm sure she will do great! I just can't to see these kids try and understand what the hell she's saying! "Aufweidersehen'? NO HEIDI!!! ..WRONG SHOW!!

NEW MILEY ..Sort of

The new video from miley below is really good! The song is very catchy and the video is typical "Miley Sexy"! So who couldnt love it!? The only problem is its only been released in Europe so far?? I guess they must just appreciate Miley's new club-dance-techno side a little more than us Americans! I think we could handle it ...we gave up on Hannah Montana several older hunk bfs ago ..now we want sexy dance miley!!!

Kim K Naked Again!

Kim K. goes NUDE again!! ...even though she regretted doing it for Playboy! But naked is only unappropriate when its in Playboy right??! When you do it for W Magaizine then it is fashion and that is just fine!! Hahaa ...oo kim ...what to do what to do!?

Good thing we still love you! And you have one of the most infamous, sexy bodies ever so you know everyone will LOVE it!! Either way ..I cant wait for Kim and Kourtney Take New York

The Fashion Show

Isaac Mizrahi and Bravo are back with the second installment of "The Fashion Show". Do we really need this Bravo? We all tried to give the first run of the show a chance since you had lost Project Runway and we were all a bit weary of the whole PR move to LA and Nina and Michael NEVER being on the show but you lost me after the first 10 minutes. The show was all around ... BAD!! It was clunky and poorly executed!! I wanted to rip my hair out every time I had to watch them try and wheel those mannequins around for judging those 'quick-fire' like challenges. Just overall HORRIBLE!

But this time around they have made a few changes. Isaac Mizrahi is still there ..which I'm still unsure about. He's a genius in fashion but in hosting I'm not so sure about! I'm hoping he takes more of a judge role and less of a host role but that is very unlikely!! The biggest change is that there are now teams. Not team challenges here and there but actual teams! The contestants will be split up into 2 fashion houses where they will work together to compete against the other teams. Not sure how this will play out but it will be interesting. Besides ..all the best drama happens on team challenges anyways!!! Also, my girl Kelly Rowland ..is out! And who else would replace her but ...LADY GAGA! jk jk ..its Iman! and from the previews she looks like she does a pretty good job!

The Fashion Show

Lady Gaga V. Alisa Apps

You may be wondering the same thing I was when I first heard about this story ...WHO IS ALISA APPS?! She hasn't even released her first CD and she is challenging the current Queen of all things music to a 'sing-off' for a grand prize of over $1,000,000! That's a pretty bold move for someone in her situation and also a very good publicity stunt. Now I had to give ms. Apps a chance ...even though she claims Gaga is a 'plastic doll generated by the music money marketing machine' she can't be all bad right? Listen to her song below and see for yourself ..it's already received almost 1.5 million views!

She's pretty damn good! I'll give her that ...and we all know that gaga can get a little commercial from time to time but you have to be a tiny bit commercial to become the largest music performer in less than a year. But at least Gaga pushes the limits!! Now my favorite all time gaga song never made it to CD but I still believe it is her best song to date! Check it out:

..and thats live!!! I dont think I have ever seen a live song performed so well by anyone!!
Lady Gaga Challenge

Friday, October 8, 2010

Random Sentence

euphonious flavoured crisps, with real euphonious pieces

Don't Worry If I Write Rhymes, I Write Checks-New Uffie

Uffie - Difficult

Uffie has a new single! If you haven't heard of her it's probably because she's not very main stream (she's 'underground electro-graffiti') and her last big songs were Ready To UFF and Pop The Glock and they weren't very radio friendly. But she's back with a new CD called 'Sex, Dreams, and Denim Jeans' and so far it seems pretty amazing! Definitely a CD that will attract a wider fan base! Her first single is called ADD SUV with Pharrell Williams. It's a great song and you can't help but love Pharrell in anything he does! But the real winner of the CD is Difficult! The music video posted above is a real work of art and the chorus is very catchy! 'Dont worry if i write rhymes, I write checks' is definitely the newest phrase in my vocabulary! So Check it out ..you may have to watch it several times like I did just because its so simple and beautiful!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Who Influences you?

INFLUENCERS TRAILER from R+I creative on Vimeo.

Great video on the power of influence and how trends are born and spread. We all know that trends and styles do not just magically come to life and they are not shared and uniform. One person is inspired by something creative and they build upon that and put their own spin on things and create something completely different and that trend ends up evolving even further.

One thing that is uniform about all trends (..Yes Every single trend) is that they all follow the same format. They all consist of 4 or 5 stages depending on what theory you consider.

First, you have your innovators.Think of a completely individual idea! These are the trend setters that are the most creative people who decide what you will eventually adapt as a part of you lifestyle.
Next, you have the early adaptors. Think of the innovators as the first 100 people to get a twitter and the early adaptors as the first celebrities to get behind twitter. They are the people that take a chance on a new trend in hopes that it will become popular and they will take the credit for the success.
Next is the early majority, think android phones. They are in the early section of this part of the graph. They are the ones who love new technology but are not willing to make the commitment until they know it is a successful trend ..aka the mainstream. It isn't a bad thing to be mainstream because you never know how long a trend will last! Trends with little competition will often stay popular trends for many years.
Next is the late majority, Think Myspace right after Facebook started to become popular. It was still heavily, heavily used but it was starting to decline as people started switching from Myspace to the simpler Facebook (the good old facebook days! lol)
Finally, the LaggersThink FAX Machines or Dial Up. We all know people who use both but its really a shame that they havent adopted some sort of new technology!

Funny Aussie Ad!

LC's New "Hills"

LC is back and she has a new show. No its not the Hills 2! ..its going to follow Lauren as she builds her fashion label, Paper Crown, from the ground up. Her roomate, Mauren McManus, and Gary Samuelian (from Styl'd on MTV) will also star on the show as they help her grow the label. And as LC states: "These two I knew when I was wearing a training bra!" ..or so the script says! I love LC and im super excited for this show but every time she is on camera with someone they have known each other since diapers! Either way ..SUPER PUMPED for it!! No release date yet ..just a sneak peak!


Ke$ha released her newest video for 'Take it off' and it is everything you would expect from the party animal crazy girl that Ke$ha is! This one is all about the black light and club scene and of course the glow in the dark paint is back!! Theres not a ton that goes on other than strutting her stuff, dancing in the club, and a dance off but when you actually look at the styling that is done in this video it is amazing. The outfits and body paint are all very well thoughtout. I really liked the furry shoulder nemesis that K3$ha has a dance-off with ...she's spooky-good! But of course Ke$ha wins!! oo and if you see the girl with the banana earrings ...those are AAA-MAZING!!

Taylor Swift's New Side

Taylor Swift's newest CD is going to be Billboard Gold like everything else she touches. She can even get me to like a John Mayer Song so I dont think there is any stopping her anytime soon! Her newest song 'Speak Now' is Taylor's first song about trying to convince a winning guy to dump his loser girlfriend and I must say its really good. Its good to see her evolving into a stronger more independent artist!!

New CD comes out October 25th and you can preorder it here: Taylor Swift Speak Now

American Apparel Saved?

Its looking more and more likely that the Hipster Haven, American Apparel, will survive post recession. They have been working hard to make sure the brand stays alive and have gotten some pretty big breaks from their financiers!

The Cut reports,
"American Apparel's stock rose 16.3 percent to $1.43 on Friday thanks to the deal. The stock peaked at $15 in December of 2007 and plummeted to 66 cents this year. Under the terms of the new agreement with Lion, American Apparel is not completely out of the woods. They still have to do things to prove they are a functional retail establishment worthy of this aid to its survival, like, oh, sell merchandise. The company must turn a pre-tax profit of $20 million over the 12 months ending January 31, and by September 2013 must rake in $80 million."

So lets hope they can keep on this lucky streak and turn their business around! Because where else would we go for our deep deep V Necks and Gold Metallic Leotards! hahaa

Burqa Ban in France!

France has just implemented a ban on burqa and other Islamic face coverings in public places. Living in America this seems like a pretty ridiculous law because it falls under our constitutional amendment of free speech, or expression. Overall, I think that it is a harsh law and will only help spread the message of hate!

On the other hand, I do understand the reasoning. I mean you wouldn't want to go into a public place and have them wearing a Obama or Clinton mask! Thats just unheard of! You never know what they could be hiding underneath! It just reminds me of the 'President Robbers' from the Sugar and Spice movie wehre they wore the betty doll masks to rob banks!

42% of Americans favor Same-Sex Marriage

Over the last year groups like HRC and other glbtaq-friendly organizations have been pushing for the legalization of same-sex marriage. It seems that this is definately paying off! In a new poll, fewer than half of Americans oppose gay marriage! This is the first step in a new direction. These campaigns and the media attention are not only speeding the process to legalize gay marriage but also lessening the blow of gay-bullying and homophobia in our country!

These little Sun Chip Bags that we love because they are environmentally friendly are about to disappear! Thats right!! Apparently they are too loud of consumers. Frit-o-Lay says that they have to listen to what consumers want and you all have demanded a quieter bag. Now I agree that these bags are VERY loud and definitely not something you would sneak into the movie theater but its a shame that they are replacing 5 out of the 6 varieties of SunChips with the old bags. Hopefully they can come up with a better solution to the eco friendly chip bag that isn't so loud ..because we all eat chips in libraries and other quiet spaces!

Beatles V. Glee ..Winner: GLEE

Don't expect our favorite TV Series Glee to be cancelled anytime soon! It is racking in the dough for FOX and not just in ratings. Glee has had 75 Billboard Top 100 Songs since it's debut last fall. Giving Glee the coveted title for the 'Most Appearances on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart by a Non-Solo Act"!!

The previous title holder? The Beatles with 71 top 100 songs. Hard to think that a group of singers on a TV show could beat out the Beatles and do it in just over a year but they have. Glee and it's loyal fan base are racking up the Hot 100 and at the rate there going, they might just be the number one for most appearances forever!





HAHAA funny clip to get you through the day!

Did GAP change it's Logo?

Gap to Change its Iconic Logo

First of all Gap was a big player in the retail community when I was very young but it seems like for at least the last 10 years they just haven't hit the mark. Maybe I am just not part of their demographic but the plain, almost bland, clothing they have been offering since as far back as I can remember just doesn't seem to be doing the trick. And I think they are finally realizing it. So now they are experimenting with some new things via 'crowdsurfing'. For those of you who do not know what crowdsurfing is, it is putting something out there (usually online) and letting the people decide whether they like it or not. The concept is that people who are fans of gap are going to see the gap related items and vote on them.

The first crowdsurfed item was their new logo, which you can see above. I think the new typeface is definitely a major improvement but the blue box on the upper right hand corner throws me off. It reminds me of a logo for a small corporate paper manufacturer or a company that is very small and dated. It does not scream NEW GAP whatsoever and it seems like they have been getting pretty bland reviews on the new logo. I think the biggest thing they need to change is some of their clothing. The stores have amazing visual aspects that are clean and current but the clothes need to be brought up to speed a bit.

Gap will be crowdsurfing some new ideas soon in an effort to rebrand itself so look forward to more posts about GAP!

Elle Ipad App on 'The City'/Jersey Shore

Check this out! How else would you promote an Elle iPad app? Put it on the City! Create some drama around it.
..oo and have SNOOKIE be the face of the campaign! I must say I was quite a bit shocked when I saw her walk in as the 'Face of the App' but when your going for a viral campaign like this then who better than Snookums?! Check it out!


Things You Might Not Know About American's Sex Lives

We like to think that we know everything about sex and the typical sex life but lets take a look at a few of those stats and see what people are really doing. 1/3 of single people use condoms on a consistent basis and surprisingly the largest group of those using condoms is 14-17 year old boys. They have used condoms 80% of the time in the past 10 times they have had sex. At first this shocked me because they are so young but 16 and 17 isn't really that young it just feels like it now!

Another surprising fact is that people are very likely to have tried sexual acts with the same gender. Anywhere from 5%-14% of men and women have experimented with the same sex within their lives. The percentage gets higher with age and 14% of 40-49 year old men have experimented with the other sex.

Women Crave Variety! Men are more likely to reach an orgasm and enjoy their sex lives without a ton of variety! However, women need to try various positions and acts in order to reach full velocity. So Men, step your game up!

Just a few sex-life tips for you ..hope you enjoyed!

Want to Make your Clothes Last Longer?

We all want everything we buy to last forever. I know I have a tendency to base the emotional appeal of my purchases on how long I think they will last. Lets face it, If bananas were $5 a banana we would all buy the green ones to make sure we have time to eat them. So how do you make your things last longer? Check it out below.

10 tips to make your things last longer

1. Washing DenimGrowing up I was always told to wear my denim a few times before washing them. I thought my dad was just trying to save money by not having us use the washer as much. Turns out he was actually pretty smart about denim. Denim enthusiasts recommend washing your denim once every 6 months. So a lot more conservative than my father's suggestions but a smart move because every time you wash denim you are destroying its original condition.
2. Razor BladesPeople typically spend about $70/yr on razor blades. Yep! Those little plastic things we use every day that couldn't cost more than 2 cents to produce in China. So how do you make these last longer? ..Dry them after each use. It's that simple. This prevents the oxidation of the blades and you will preserve the close shave you desire.
3.TiresI know first hand not only how expensive new tires can be but what a hassle it is to find yourself with a flat. So to keep your tires healthy follow these few tips. First, keep the tire pressure within the recommended psi, rotate the tires every 5,000-8,000 miles, keep your car aligned, and avoid quick starts and stops. Easier said then done because how often do you think of your tires?
4. Shoe CareI used to sell shoes so I know that the extra protectant they try to upsell is not actually a scam for them to get more money. It actually does make your shoes LAST LONGER! So make sure if you don't buy it when you are upsold that you have some at home. Also alternating shoes will help and the quality of shoes you have bought are also a big factor. You get what you pay for!
5. Perfume that LastsScents react differently to each person that wears them. So find the scent you like on your body and use only that scent so your body will retain more of it and you won't have to spray as often.
6.Christmas TreesI say buy a fake tree since they look just as good as the real thing this year but if you are going to buy a real tree then buy one that was cut recently. Ask the vendor when and where it was cut so you know its a new tree.
7. ClothingKeep clothing lasting by treat spotting it instead of washing the entire garment. Also line drying with prevent pilling and damage to clothing fibers that can be caused by dryer balls. Hang or fold your clothes to prevent unnecessary washing because you think they might be dirty when they are really clean.
8. ProduceA few tips on food. Celery can be revived by soaking it in cold water and then drying them. Apples and other crisp foods belong in the crisper of your refrigerator. Put things you wont use for a while in the freezer. We freeze bread until we need it and it defrosts and tastes like a brand new bag of bread.
9. WineWe all have nights were we just want one glass of wine but we know that its going to wilt in 24-48 hours after opening and know we won't finish it within that time. So what can you do instead of buying a box of wine? Probably the best option is to get a vacuum pump made to fit over a bottle of wine to remove the extra air that gets in. Not the best solution but wine is fragile.
10.SmartPhonesOne of the biggest reasons people get new phones is because they break their screens or scratch them. So get a cover for your screen if you are worried about that. And dont forget a case! So when you drop your phone you won't break it!

Wallet Pop


In an effort to expand the market of reused denim Gap, ecouterre, and
Inhabitat have teamed up for a Denim Recycle Contest. The challenge is to make the most creative item out of your old pair of denims. We have seen purses out of denim, cut offs, and chaps made out of denim but what can you make? Join the contest here for a chance to win a $200 gap giftcard!!

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The new Moulin Rouge?

Wow is all I have to say! Whenever Christina opens her mouth its amazing especially when she does it with so much heart and soul! This movie is sure to be a hit with an all-star cast like Christina Aguilera, Cher, Kristen Bell, Cam gigandet, Stanley Tucci, and others. It's the perfect cross between Moulin Rouge, Nine, the devil wears prada (i know hes ben in other movies but you gotta love the same character he plays in every movie!), and every other dance, power-struggle, chic flick out there! Cant wait to see it!


Wow no wonder this video already has almost 8 million views!!! This is crazy incredible!! I would love to fly on a plan that is gaga and KP friendly! I would hope that they would play it throughout the entire flight as well.

..booking my next flight with this airline!

Katy Perry's "E.T." Striptease

First off:

But besides the fact that this is really crazy ...he is REALLY REALLY GOOD!!! And this is no ordinary pole. It has to be at leas 20 feet tall and he can get all the way to the top! That is impressive!


This video, concept, and campaign is amazing! FCKH8 is right!! This is A LOT more extreme than NOH8 or HRC campaigns but sometimes you gotta be crude to get what you want! And what we want is equality!! The most controversial campaigns make the biggest splash! and this is exactly what we need!!

The site and store will be open Monday, October 11th!!!
So lets all show our FCKING SUPPORT and visit the site when it opens!!!


Bad Romance Cover

If you love Glee then you will love this. Its like real life Glee! And its actually done really really well! I've seen some gaga covers that are just horrible but I have to give these guys props because this is amazing!

MY Charity: water

I think a lot of us forget that everyone doesn't have access to clean water. 1 in 8 people around the world go without clean water and its inspiring to see an organization that is bringing this issue to the forefront.

There are several things you can do with Charity Water.
1. Give up your birthday for clean water The idea behind this is that instead of receiving gifts for your birthday you will accept donations for clean water.
2. Donate Directly$20 can supply can give one person water for 20 years. If 1 billion people around the world gave $20 each that would be enough to supply clean water to the 1 billion people without clean water for 20 years!!
3. Sponsor a WellYou can also sponsor a well for either $5,000 or $20,000 depending on what your organization could afford but it would either supply 250+ people with a clean water well or over 1,000 students with clean water and latrines.
4. Monthly GiftsSame idea that is behind donating directly but doing it on a consistent basis
5. Wear CharityWear the cause and spread awareness. Any profits go to running the organization and keeping this charity in business.

So if your birthday is coming up or if you have some money to spare this may just be a great option for you!

DC Housewives: 'DONT COME BACK!'

The DC Housewives havent even been offered a second season yet and they are already saying they wont come back if Michaele Salahi is going to be a part of it. Apparently they dont like people who accuse each other's children of stealing, break into the white house, and are compulsive liars. WHAT?! lol Why wouldn't you want to associate yourself with someone like that? Apparently not and I dont blame them. I was not a huge fan of the DC housewives party because I just think the whole housewife thing has been done too many times on Bravo (do they have any other shows?) and partly because the drama just seemed so overrated. It just wasn't that good but maybe a season without Michaele will change that. Then again I could definitely live without Catherine as well! I mean does she have a personality?

Chances are if they are offered a second season they will come back Michaele or no Michaele so we will just have to wait and see!

D.C. Housewives to Michaele Salahi: Don't Come Back!

Some Good YouTube Covers!

Because We Love Them!! A few good Youtube mashups!

Sam Tsui rocks out his version of 'Love The Way You Lie' and you cant help but fall in love with this song! I have it on my iPod and listen to it all the time!!

Katy Perry and her 'Teenage Dream' song has skyrocketted since it was released. In fact her whole CD is amazing if you dont have it yet ..you should! Mike Tompkins puts his own spin on it with 'Just the Way You Are' with NO INSTRUMENTS! and its pretty amazing!!


Why are you unfriending me??!! TOP 3 Reasons People Unfriend!

Have you ever wondered why people would unfriend you from their Facebooks? Well we have the answer!

57% of people unfriend because of online activity We've all had "online friends" ..you know those people that you never see in person but they are friends of a friend of a friend that you've maybe met once or not even at all. All those random adds. So what do you do if their online activity is annoying? THATS RIGHT! You unfriend them!

26.9% of unfriending is because of offline behaviorNow this one doesn't need much explaining! Drama happens and lately the ultimate rebellion is unfriending them. When someone goes through the effort of unfriending you online ...you know they really dont want to see you. I mean they could just hide you from their newsfeed but unfriending ..now thats bad!

1.OVERSHARINGI know im guilty of this some days! ..well ...most days! but theres just so much stuff out there and you want to share it all!! So be careful next time you share link after link after link!
2.RELIGIOUS POSTSIt turns out we are not so happy that people have found their religion! So next time you think you saw jesus on the grilled cheese you made with your george forman grill.. you might want to hold off on posting it to the world!
3.CRUDE POSTSNo body wants to go on facebook and see your homemade girls gone wild videos or your status about how skanky that chick you brought home really was once the lights went off! So keep away from the crude and offensive posts!!

And there it is. Thats why you have or will be defriended. Chances are if they are going to unfriend you then they arent really your friends anyways!

top 3 reasons to unfriend

iPhone no longer on top!

Well we knew it would happen sooner or later with Android being on all 4 providers and Apple sticking to its AT&T guns. I'll always be an Apple fanboy but Android has made some big strides in the last 6 month! Lets hope that they can get their software up to par with Apple too before they get on other networks!! Either way ..competition is always good!

Android outsells iphone&blackberry

Why do you buy?

Why do you buy things? I go to Target a couple times a week because I love the experience. Sure I could go to a KMart or a Walmart but I try to avoid both as much as possible. Why? Because I dont enjoy shopping there. I walk in buy what I need and maybe pick up a few extra things because of price but never anything that amazing. However, at stores like Target or other visual-minded retailers like Ikea I end up making A LOT more unplanned purchases! Why? because i enjoy shopping there and enjoy even just going in to browse at new things. I love stores that I can window shop at. Even though I always end up buying things I dont necessarily need! But at least in these types of stores I buy things that I will enjoy after I walk out of the store!

But What do retailers do to make sure you buy these unplanned items?
1. Free ServicesAnything to get you in the door and get you to test out products!! We've all walked past the makeup/cologne sections of department stores!!
2. The Whole LookEverything looks better when you can picture how you will use it in your own life! Go to Ikea and just look at the people shopping sometime! They sit, they enjoy, they experience the products!
3. SmellsApparently some stores use the scent of money to encourage people to spend it! Others use different smells to lure shoppers in, just like music! If you've ever been to an Abercrombie or Hollister you know all about the smell factor!
4. BOGOThe most memorable BOGO user has got to be Payless Shoes. I feel like they are always doing a BOGO event. But really everyone is doing it! We all know how good these bargains can be ..its like going to the casino and winning!!
5. MusicSlow music makes you stay longer. Loud, current music gets the teens in. Stores use all types of music to encourage guests to come in, stay longer, or simply create a more enjoyable experience!
6. Greeters!HELLO!! who doesn't love walking in to a store and getting greeted? As long as they aren't selling me anything than I am more than happy to receive a "hello, how are you doing?". Makes me feel good about shopping there

One that I think also should've been on the list: Social responsibility! We all saw the backlash of certain companies from their recent donations to political campaigns. We also have seen major companies rise in popularity as highly reputable and charitable companies in the past! We love shopping at Target because they donate to local schools. We love shopping at stores with local grown produce like co-ops because they support the local farmers! And we all love to shop somewhere were we feel like we can give back!

Six Sneaky Ways Stores Get You To Buy More


If you in the minneapolis area this weekend then make sure you are headed out for the Zombie Pub Crawl!! Basically 8,000+ people dress up like zombies and do a pub crawl!! I did it for the first time last year and it was amazing!! So everyone should get their best zombie face on and come drink this weekend!!!

Have you retweeted without reading it?

It may not be the most reliable study with 135 people studied but I know we've all done it! Sometimes you are in a rush or just don't have time to actually look at the tweet but you know it would be something you would enjoy! ..so you just retweet it!!

I'm in favor of this! as long as you know its something you'll like!!


YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT THIS NEW SNUGGIE COMMERCIAL!!! It is epic!!! Not only is Snuggie one of the most rediculous concepts ever (...anyone who has one should burn it now) but did they really have to remix the marcarena?! lol

Who Would Live In A Shipping Container?

Theres been soo many new styles of "green houses lately but one of the coolest has got to be the shipping container houses that are springing up, especially on the west coast. This is an amazing one that doesn't even look like a shipping container! I would live in this one!! ..if i were on the west coast or somewhere warm but I dont know how well this would hold up with the Minnesota Winters!! Could you live in one of these?

Check out the link for more pics:
california shipping container home

This could be the best thing EVER made of LEGOS

If you haven't seen the lego house before then you NEED to check out this video! Every aspect of design used in this creation is brilliant and amazing. And if the house falls apart you can just rebuild it. And trust me ..it does fall apart quite a bit in this video. Just don't sit on the seats!!

Wonder what else you could make out of legos!

& Check out the construction video here!

iPhone for Verizon?

Dont hold your breath for this one
Another rumor that there will be an iPhone on Verizon! Wonder what this would do to AT&T?!

I think its funny that 2 years ago Apple had all the power and Verizon was begging to get the iPhone and now Verizon has gotten so much behind DROID that Apple is playing catch up! ...love your products Apple but we are like the LAST market to get iPhone on more than one service!!! The UK has had it on 3 providers for a long time!!

VERIZON iphone?

South Park iPad Commercial

South Park has brought us some very comical and current laughs over the past decade or so its only right that they spoof the ipad/apple brand! Gotta love this commercial! and if you havent seen the original click below!

ipad commercial

Pink to wed gay couple in next video

Pink just released a new song called Raise Your Glass which I posted above. It's the first single off her greatest hits CD which will hopefully come out soon! Even in the digital age, I still like to support the really talented musicians. Especially those like Pink and Britney and JT who have been around for over 10 years and are still relevant!! Not many artists can say that

Anyways, the song is pretty amazing!! and hopefully she adds a couple new ones on there!! Although a whole new CD would be nice too!!! And in the video for her latest single, Raise Your Glass, Pink is rumored to be wedding a gay couple in support of gay marriage and im assuming also to prevent gay suicides and lend her support!!


Pink to Marry Gay Couple

English boy does 24 Accents!


I have a fascination with the English so of course i loved all the different english accents but this kid is TALENTED!!!

Ps. The American accent ..BEN AFFLECK ANYONE? lol

Justin Bieber a 51-year-old pedofile!


NOT BIEBER!!! NOO!!!!! HE CANT BE!!! HES A 13? 16? 14? (..idk if anyone actually knows his real age) YEAR OLD BOY!!! and TEENAGE SENSATION!!!


Obviously this is an extreme generalization about the republican party but there are many many truths in these statements. There are many republican candidates that don't share these thoughts and obviously there are a lot of democrats who may not be fit for office. That is why it is more important than ever to decide who you want to vote for and what they stand for!! We do not need any more politicians who will spread the message of hate and separation. The MN Governor race is a prime example of trying to prevent this sort of bigotry. Groups from around the nation are getting involved in this election and just make sure that you are voting for the people who are going to reunite more people than they tear apart!


Thats right ..our beloved Tim Gunn attempted suicide! It is so horrible that being gay has been so harshly attacked that people are resulting to trying to kill themselves!!

Its not right!

I don't think any of us could imagine a world without Tim Gunn. And I think we are all thankful that Tim is still with us because he has been a monumental figure for both the fashion industry and gay men.

So, THANK YOU TIM GUNN!! for sharing your story!
and remember ..IT GETS BETTER!!

Tim Gunn Talks About Suicide Attempt--Huffington Post


I just wanted to take a minute to thank all the wonderful celebrities that have come out and shown their support for the TREVOR PROJECT and preventing Gay Suicides!!! Theres been way too many tragedies lately and its really heart wrenching!!

i think the message we can all relate to in these is IT GETS BETTER!

..and it really does!! We are different but you learn to embrace your differences. Trust me! the older you get the more you appreciate the things that make you different and special!

I hope everybody takes a moment to think of all the young gays who are dealing with these issues and hopefully we can make a difference by remembering that next time you want to make fun of ANYONE!



Well vikings fans ...HE'S BACK!! You all either loved or hated him when he played for the Vikes back in 2004 but now that we are down to our "last season" with Favre we'll do anything to get to the Super Bowl.

It's been a rocky start for the Vikes winning 1 out of 3 this season. Big change to last years 12-4 campaign. And now with Rice injured whats the next best thing?? ...well Moss of course!! Now I was always a big moss fan. But most people I knew had a love/hate relationship with him. They loved the way he played and hated the way he acted. Im sorry but THATS FOOTBALL. Its like my dad says, "You want these guys to be animals on the field and gentleman in the rest of their lives but they are animals! They get paid to be animals!"

I think its a smart move. He knows how to play with the Vikes! and who knows how many more times Favre will come out of retirement!!


Ok so I never thought of myself as an animal rights activist. I mean I eat McDonalds all the time and never really had a big issue with fur but I did love the Rather Go Naked campaign with my girl Khloe Kardashian. BUT NOW I made the mistake of clicking on the link below and watching a Peta video ..and I have to say it is one of the saddest videos you will ever watch!!

So watch with Caution! Its really sad!!

If you have even the smallest heart you will never wear fur after seeing this! TRUST ME!



Jason Mraz has been an all time favorite of mine for a long time now. I love his duets because he actually has a beautiful voice. Unlike our other alternative duet star (John Mayer). yuckkkk. LOL

Also you may know hope if we are friends on facebook. I will post her other song below. Her other song is a beautiful song ..possibly one of the best wedding songs if your looking for one! So check it out ..you wont regret it!

This song is really really good! But its still not as good as the Jason Mraz/Colbie Callait song: Lucky! That will be one of my favorite songs forever!

Hope-Who Am I To Say
check it out guys!


I know i already posted 2 other commercials from this same campaign and there are several more you can check out on youtube but this is the last one!!

I just had to post this one too because its soo cute and funny!

Although, I swear the little girl who answers the phone has had a little too much to drink! maybe too much milk on set? LOL

Another in the series of Funny Commercials from Xperia

This one is also for the Xperia X10. Its a hilarious commercial about how easy it is to use this phone.

I mean even a senile old man could use it!

AGAIN ..great advertising campaign!!


This has to be one of the funniest commercials I have ever seen! I follow phones quite a bit and have never heard of the Xperia X10 but now I do thanks to this!

‎"hi bunny its mommaa ..hi boots! ..they might be like raaruffraaruff!" LOL