Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Fashion Show

Isaac Mizrahi and Bravo are back with the second installment of "The Fashion Show". Do we really need this Bravo? We all tried to give the first run of the show a chance since you had lost Project Runway and we were all a bit weary of the whole PR move to LA and Nina and Michael NEVER being on the show but you lost me after the first 10 minutes. The show was all around ... BAD!! It was clunky and poorly executed!! I wanted to rip my hair out every time I had to watch them try and wheel those mannequins around for judging those 'quick-fire' like challenges. Just overall HORRIBLE!

But this time around they have made a few changes. Isaac Mizrahi is still there ..which I'm still unsure about. He's a genius in fashion but in hosting I'm not so sure about! I'm hoping he takes more of a judge role and less of a host role but that is very unlikely!! The biggest change is that there are now teams. Not team challenges here and there but actual teams! The contestants will be split up into 2 fashion houses where they will work together to compete against the other teams. Not sure how this will play out but it will be interesting. Besides ..all the best drama happens on team challenges anyways!!! Also, my girl Kelly Rowland ..is out! And who else would replace her but ...LADY GAGA! jk jk ..its Iman! and from the previews she looks like she does a pretty good job!

The Fashion Show

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