Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why are you unfriending me??!! TOP 3 Reasons People Unfriend!

Have you ever wondered why people would unfriend you from their Facebooks? Well we have the answer!

57% of people unfriend because of online activity We've all had "online friends" know those people that you never see in person but they are friends of a friend of a friend that you've maybe met once or not even at all. All those random adds. So what do you do if their online activity is annoying? THATS RIGHT! You unfriend them!

26.9% of unfriending is because of offline behaviorNow this one doesn't need much explaining! Drama happens and lately the ultimate rebellion is unfriending them. When someone goes through the effort of unfriending you online know they really dont want to see you. I mean they could just hide you from their newsfeed but unfriending thats bad!

1.OVERSHARINGI know im guilty of this some days! ..well ...most days! but theres just so much stuff out there and you want to share it all!! So be careful next time you share link after link after link!
2.RELIGIOUS POSTSIt turns out we are not so happy that people have found their religion! So next time you think you saw jesus on the grilled cheese you made with your george forman grill.. you might want to hold off on posting it to the world!
3.CRUDE POSTSNo body wants to go on facebook and see your homemade girls gone wild videos or your status about how skanky that chick you brought home really was once the lights went off! So keep away from the crude and offensive posts!!

And there it is. Thats why you have or will be defriended. Chances are if they are going to unfriend you then they arent really your friends anyways!

top 3 reasons to unfriend

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