Thursday, October 7, 2010

Want to Make your Clothes Last Longer?

We all want everything we buy to last forever. I know I have a tendency to base the emotional appeal of my purchases on how long I think they will last. Lets face it, If bananas were $5 a banana we would all buy the green ones to make sure we have time to eat them. So how do you make your things last longer? Check it out below.

10 tips to make your things last longer

1. Washing DenimGrowing up I was always told to wear my denim a few times before washing them. I thought my dad was just trying to save money by not having us use the washer as much. Turns out he was actually pretty smart about denim. Denim enthusiasts recommend washing your denim once every 6 months. So a lot more conservative than my father's suggestions but a smart move because every time you wash denim you are destroying its original condition.
2. Razor BladesPeople typically spend about $70/yr on razor blades. Yep! Those little plastic things we use every day that couldn't cost more than 2 cents to produce in China. So how do you make these last longer? ..Dry them after each use. It's that simple. This prevents the oxidation of the blades and you will preserve the close shave you desire.
3.TiresI know first hand not only how expensive new tires can be but what a hassle it is to find yourself with a flat. So to keep your tires healthy follow these few tips. First, keep the tire pressure within the recommended psi, rotate the tires every 5,000-8,000 miles, keep your car aligned, and avoid quick starts and stops. Easier said then done because how often do you think of your tires?
4. Shoe CareI used to sell shoes so I know that the extra protectant they try to upsell is not actually a scam for them to get more money. It actually does make your shoes LAST LONGER! So make sure if you don't buy it when you are upsold that you have some at home. Also alternating shoes will help and the quality of shoes you have bought are also a big factor. You get what you pay for!
5. Perfume that LastsScents react differently to each person that wears them. So find the scent you like on your body and use only that scent so your body will retain more of it and you won't have to spray as often.
6.Christmas TreesI say buy a fake tree since they look just as good as the real thing this year but if you are going to buy a real tree then buy one that was cut recently. Ask the vendor when and where it was cut so you know its a new tree.
7. ClothingKeep clothing lasting by treat spotting it instead of washing the entire garment. Also line drying with prevent pilling and damage to clothing fibers that can be caused by dryer balls. Hang or fold your clothes to prevent unnecessary washing because you think they might be dirty when they are really clean.
8. ProduceA few tips on food. Celery can be revived by soaking it in cold water and then drying them. Apples and other crisp foods belong in the crisper of your refrigerator. Put things you wont use for a while in the freezer. We freeze bread until we need it and it defrosts and tastes like a brand new bag of bread.
9. WineWe all have nights were we just want one glass of wine but we know that its going to wilt in 24-48 hours after opening and know we won't finish it within that time. So what can you do instead of buying a box of wine? Probably the best option is to get a vacuum pump made to fit over a bottle of wine to remove the extra air that gets in. Not the best solution but wine is fragile.
10.SmartPhonesOne of the biggest reasons people get new phones is because they break their screens or scratch them. So get a cover for your screen if you are worried about that. And dont forget a case! So when you drop your phone you won't break it!

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