Friday, October 8, 2010

Don't Worry If I Write Rhymes, I Write Checks-New Uffie

Uffie - Difficult

Uffie has a new single! If you haven't heard of her it's probably because she's not very main stream (she's 'underground electro-graffiti') and her last big songs were Ready To UFF and Pop The Glock and they weren't very radio friendly. But she's back with a new CD called 'Sex, Dreams, and Denim Jeans' and so far it seems pretty amazing! Definitely a CD that will attract a wider fan base! Her first single is called ADD SUV with Pharrell Williams. It's a great song and you can't help but love Pharrell in anything he does! But the real winner of the CD is Difficult! The music video posted above is a real work of art and the chorus is very catchy! 'Dont worry if i write rhymes, I write checks' is definitely the newest phrase in my vocabulary! So Check it out may have to watch it several times like I did just because its so simple and beautiful!

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